Knee Pain Relief

When knee pain is caused by poor alignment, muscle imbalance, or poor core stabilization, regenerative therapy and laser therapy, combined with physical rehabilitation may be used to build up your surrounding muscles and improve flexibility. This, in turn, takes some of the pressure off of the joint to eliminate discomfort. The healthcare team at Premier Regenerative & Physical Medicine knows that all of our patients are different, which is why we will customize your knee pain treatment program to address your specific needs and concerns.

Premier Regenerative & Physical Medicine professionals are specialists in knee pain treatment. We have pioneered the industry’s latest proven alternatives to surgery and steroids. Our in-office, same-day procedures will alleviate your knee pain regardless of the cause. We treat a range of conditions including tendonitis, arthritis, MCL tear, ACL tear, torn meniscus and bursitis. Even those with little or no cartilage around their knee have benefited from Premier Regenerative & Physical Medicine’s procedures.

Premier Regenerative & Physical Medicine’s revolutionary regenerative therapy procedures treat all the damages and underlying conditions that cause you pain. The specialists utilize responsibly sourced third party alograph injections containing stem cells, to rebuild and strengthen the damaged tissue.

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